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science fiction stories цены

This collection brings together five stories which explores a range of perspectives within the genre of science fiction. From space travel to time travel, scientific experiments and teleportation, these stories will fascinate and delight fans of science fiction everywhere. Stories: We Can Remember It For You Wholesale Phillip K Dick A Sound of Thunder - Ray Bradbury Travel By Wire! - Arthur C Clarke The Martian Odyssey - Stanley G Weinbaum The Shadow and the Flash - Jack London CONTENTS: Introduction Using a dictionary The Genre of Science Fiction Essay questions Glossary Language study index Macmillan Literature Collections These advanced-level Readers contain a variety of original, unsimplified short stories written by famous classic and modern writers. They are perfect for those students who are ready to make the transition from graded readers to unabridged English literature texts. Each collection provides substantial language support including vocabulary, comprehension questions and language-study exercises. There is also a literary analysis section to help students examine themes, characterisation and plot - thus increasing their understanding and appreciation of each story. Answer keys and further support are available from the Macmillan Readers website.

Вам дается возможность купить science fiction stories, прежде сверив лучшие цены. Цена science fiction stories стартует с 49.2 рублей и может заканчиваться 3889.05 руб. Данный товар есть возможность прикупить в 6 известных маркетах СНГ, среди них labirint.ru, nazya.com, Aliexpress VIP, dx.com, litres.ru, chitai-gorod.ru. В 2018 году средневзвешенная стоимость на science fiction stories около 1890.3 рублей. Отзывы о science fiction stories довольно таки положительные и фирму Macmillan советуют в социальных сетях многие посетители .

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